Watch These Grown Men Get Flustered While Explaining Women’s Sex Toys

This video from the Facts. YouTube channel boldly takes a group of men where they never thought they’d go. These guys examine the wonderful world of women’s sex toys, and they’re just as clueless as you’d expect. While examining the Rampant Rabbit, they marvel with wide, innocent eyes at the toy’s multiple settings. Then things get sketchy when the Flick-Her comes out to play: “It kinda looks like it would do some damage, like it would make a milkshake out of your insides.” Oh, this guy is getting no action after his lady hears that little nugget of wisdom.

The situation accelerates when the Vibrating Egg nearly sends a man running out of the scene, and he covers his ears in an expression of fear. All of the vibrating truly creeps him out. At one point, one dude gets a little worked up and either forgets the word “clitoris,” or he doesn’t want to say it out loud. I will assume the guy was willing to discuss sex toys, so he’d have no problem saying the term. So he either grew flustered, or he genuinely forgot the term, in which case he’s missing the whole point of this illuminating video.

Never forget the clitoris, fellas.