Men On Social Media Are Losing Their Sh*t Because Of This Woman’s Sexy Mugshot

Hey girl, how you doin? Meet Angela Coates, a 22-year-old model who was arrested a few weeks ago in Dekalb County, Georgia for disorderly conduct. Coates is currently blowing up social media because society can’t deal with attractive criminals. We need our thieves and murderers hairy with wrinkly skin, saggy boobies and big ol’ butts, apparently.

A bunch of horny men offered to pay her bail but alas, she was released from jail the same night. No word on what constituted said disorderly conduct and Coates has been quiet about the arrest on her Twitter account. But that doesn’t mean the suitors have stopped calling. Just look at former NFL WR Chad Ochocinco tryin’ to creep.

Just last week, we told you about Stéphanie Beaudoin, a Canadian woman who claimed she broke into 42 homes. Naturally, everyone’s doing side-by-side comparisons of the two because this is the internet and people do weird shit like that. But not here. Nope. Today, we’re giving you a 3-way with everyone’s favorite male criminal Jeremy Meeks. Who you got?