This Man’s Reaction To Someone Backing Over His Rare $300K Ferrari Is Pretty Much What You’d Expect

Entertainment Editor
08.07.16 9 Comments

The chances of most normal people owning a $300,000 Ferrari are minimal. To be fair, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is not particularly rare by “rare” car standards — about 2000 will be made during its run — but when you crunch the numbers, a $300K car that has a limited production run of 2000 at best will only end up in the hands of collectors and the elite. So, owning one of these beauties is going to be difficult. You’re a lottery winner, in essence. But you know what’s harder than owning a Ferrari 458 Speciale? Finding a Ferrari 458 Speciale and backing over itwith your own car. Yes, it’s the worst fender bender ever.

Here it is again in all of its soul-crushing glory:

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