Watch This Guy Have An Understandable Freakout When His Mercedes Explodes A Week After Buying It

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02.21.16 2 Comments

When you buy a used vehicle, you likely expect a few issues to pop up as you drive it around for a bit. What you don’t expect is a catastrophic incident that ends with your car exploding on the side of the highway. Gabrield Lopes was driving a friend home across the Glenn Jackson Bridge near Portland, Oregon when his fairly new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 shut off. According to The Oregonian, he tried to restart the vehicle before smoke started to rise out from under the hood. It only got worse from there:

After calling 911, thinking he would need help moving the car off the bridge, Lopes started filming the scene from his phone. That’s when he started to see flames. The video captures Lopes’ stricken reaction.

Several minutes later, the video captures the sound of an explosion.

“No warning. The car just turns off, you pull over, the thing’s on fire,” Lopes said Friday. “Seeing your brand-new car blow up in front of you in less than nine minutes is horrific.”

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