The MET Gala’s Most Outlandish Hits And Misses Of 2017

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The annual MET gala in New York City always arrives with a theme, and this year’s selection proved to be confusing for spectators and attendees alike. The chosen motif acted as a tribute to Japanese designer Kawakubo and her Comme des Garçons label. She’s renowned for her daring shapes and often unsettling defiance of preexisting standards. In short, her designs are rather outrageous, and some stars went too far while others drew outside the lines to perfection.

As always, a best-of-and-worst-of list is highly subjective, but that’s part of the fun of “fashion’s biggest night out.” Some dresses completely ignored the theme while others adhered in an uncanny way. Yet none of this is serious, and it’s okay to be superficial every so often. You can go back to worrying about politics later, alright? Let’s do this.

Best – Riley Keough: Elvis’ granddaughter rocked this black-and-red striped sequin dress (with chain detail and a cool zipper up the front), which gives off the same punky vibe as Alicia Vikander’s 2016 frock. And it’s no wonder, as both dresses are by Louis Vuitton. A casual updo and heeled black booties nicely pull this style together.

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Worst – Claire Danes: From the waist down, the kicky black pants and shoes are pretty perfect, but that top dives into pirate-shirt-wedding-train weirdness, like something that her former My So-Called Life star, Jared Leto, would wear without apology. Claire’s ensemble was created by Monse.

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