‘Metal Gear Solid’ Finally Gets An Honest Trailer And Hideo Kojima Says Goodbye To The Series

The folks at Honest Trailers have finally gotten around to giving Metal Gear Solid the honest treatment, and it only took them until the day The Phantom Pain was released. Luckily the clip was worth the wait and covers every creepy, weird, realistic, goofy, sad, terrifying and awesome moment that happened in the series (and its spinoffs). Metal Gear has always been one of those odd pillars of gaming, featuring countless references to all facets of pop culture and enough story to make you scratch your head bare. All while you continue to play, of course.

The trailer pretty much covers all the ground you could think of, including how none of the stuff you see would happen in real life (for the most part). It also covers fan reactions to Hideo Kojima, who is either a mad genius or boyish creep holding the reins to a gigantic franchise for a beautiful period of time.

Speaking of Kojima, he gives his final debriefing on Metal Gear Solid V in this clip released alongside the game today. It features Kojima going through some chats with members of the crew and reflecting on what went into making the game. Then at the end, he gives what is his final goodbye to the series. It’s neat to watch despite the runtime and carries some weight considering his recent issues with Konami. It’s a nice counterbalance to the silliness of the Honest Trailer.

(Via Smosh Games / Konami)