Metalhead Covers Star Wars…and Mega Man…and Zelda…and…?

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Metal, for all the reputation it has as being for badasses, is actually a fairly nerdy genre of music. It is, after all, about obsessively perfecting a skill and then doing it as fast as possible, which is pretty much the definition of a “nerd hobby.”
That said, some epitomize it more than others, and none epitomizes it better than Eric Calderone.
We came across him because he did, naturally, a Star Wars medley as a metal tune. While not the newest idea, it’s easily the best we’ve ever heard, partially because he didn’t feel the need to include all the lines that have become memes incessantly. Then we discovered his YouTube channel was, in fact, a rabbit hole.
Here are some of our favorites that we’ve come across…

The Star Wars theme, found via GeekDad over at Wired

Ever notice that metal covers of ’80s video game themes sound just like Saturday morning cartoon themes from the early ’90s?

This is now my favorite version of the Pokemon theme, displacing the one in Hebrew.

Wait, isn’t Mortal Kombat’s music mostly metal in the first place?

We’re pretty sure that this was going to be used in the never-realized Zelda movie from the mid ’90s.

And finally, the song every Internet musician is required to cover by law.

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