Mexican Drug Lords Now Murdering ‘Internet Busy Bodies’ Who Use Social Media


As evidenced by the fact that they’re building their own homemade tanks like the one pictured here, there probably isn’t a more brazen, evil form of gangster on the planet right now than Mexican drug lords. They’ve been murdering the journalists and bloggers who’ve been covering the drug war (Over 40 have been murdered since 2004, many of them decapitated, and many more are missing), and now they’ve set their sights on anyone who talks sh*t about them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Washington Post reports today that hand-written signs were attached to two bodies recently found hanging from a bridge in a border town warning that any other “scandal mongers” who dare to use social media to report Mexican drug trade violence will meet a similar fate. Social media has become a thorn in the drug lords’ sides — through violent intimidation, they’ve been able to control the media in certain parts of Mexico. But the rise of social media has given pissed off citizens an opportunity to do their own reporting, and the drug lords are determined to put the kabosh on it.

Reports the Washington Post:

“This will happen to all Internet busy bodies,” a sign read. Using foul slang, the poster warned, “Shape up, I am on to you.”

The slayings and the display of the threats against social media users represent another dangerous escalation in Mexico’s drug wars.

“This is against everyone who posts information about organized crime,” said Omar Rabago of the group Article 19 in Mexico, which advocates for freedom of expression. “The criminals want to shut this down. They don’t want anybody to know anything.”

“It’s becoming a pattern in many cities where there is widespread violence,” said Carlos Lauria, head of the Americas program at the Committee to Protect Journalists. “The criminal gangs exert control over the press. The media stops. And in the absence of news, ordinary citizens turn to Twitter and Facebook to fill the void.”

Jesus. Can’t we just send Suge Knight down there to clean this all up?

Just listen to Fredro Starr describe what meeting Suge is like…


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