Mexico’s Hubertus von Hohenlohe Has Crowned Himself The ‘Mariachi Olympic Prince’

Normally, I don’t like to be so bold when discussing the personal and professional life of a world-class athlete, but f*ck it – it probably doesn’t suck to be Hubertus von Hohenlohe. When the 2014 Winter Olympics begin in Sochi next Thursday, Hohenlohe will have just turned 55-years old, which seems like a really odd age for someone competing against so many whippersnappers, but Hohenlohe has never cared about being the oldest guy at the party. In fact, he’s never cared about being a medal winner either, as he’s never won a medal in the five Winter Olympics that he’s competed in since founding the Mexican Ski Federation back in 1981.

The Sochi Games will mark his sixth and presumably final Winter Olympics appearance, and all he admittedly cares about is going out in style. That’s why he wants people talking less about the 55-year old multi-ethnic son of a prince skiing and more about what the hell he’s wearing on the slopes. And while he’s always been the world’s most fashion-first skier, Hohenlohe feels like this year’s ski suit – a tribute to the classic Mexican mariachi look – will be his biggest winner to date.

To be clear, though, he didn’t choose this look because it’s unusual to other cultures or because it’ll make us think of Dusty Bottoms. He did it because he wants to pay his respect to the people of Mexico that have cheered him on for more than three decades in a sport that nobody on Earth associates with that country.

“Until I went to Mexico recently to make a documentary, I never realized what a beautiful, amazing, rich past and culture they have and what a proud people they are,” he said. “It actually moved me to see how much they suffered and how much they fought for what they have. The power to have your own identity is so strong and something I believe in so I want to give it a go in a very cool, elegant way. I want to celebrate who they are, but of course in my own style.” (Via NBC Olympics)

An undeniable candidate for the actual title of the World’s Most Interesting Man, Hohenlohe has also been a pop singer named Andy Himalaya and Royal Disaster. Fortunately, someone made a video back in 2010 that combines the pop music, fashion choices and sometimes terrible skiing of Humberto von Hohenlohe, and if you weren’t cheering for him before, maybe you will this year.

(Images via NBC Olympics)