Michael Clarke Duncan Brings The First Clip From Green Lantern

Last night Michael Clarke Duncan was a guest on Attack of the Show and premiered the first clip from The Green Lantern, showing him as Kilowog training Hal Jordan for the first time.  I found the behind the scenes interview (second video) more interesting, partly because there wasn’t a bunch of watermarks, chyron, and junk filling every edge of the picture.  Duncan spoke about his favorite comic book (Flash versus Superman) and his love of comics in general:

“I had so many comic books back in the day that right now I would probably be a millionaire based on my comic book collection alone that I had years ago before they even became popular to make it into a movie.  I had so many comic books.  I had the Hulk versus Superman.  I had so many great comic books, and my mother threw them all out because they were on the floor.  Ah!  Momma!”

I know how you feel, dude.  One time my mom threw out my priceless collection of things I stole out of Michael Clarke Duncan’s trashcan.



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