Michael Dorn Reveals Which Starfleet Officers He Wants In His Worf Show

When last we told you of Michael Dorn’s campaign to have a Star Trek spin-off series about his character, Captain Worf, it was little more than a hashtag and a dream. Since then, the effort to create some buzz around the project (which has been shuttered before) has sent mini muffins to studio execs (30,000 and counting,) created t-shirts, and started discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

The series, which is written by Dorn himself, would center on Worf and take place after Deep Space Nine, but before the Star Trek: Nemesis movie. Since the explosion in hashtag promotion, Dorn has done more interviews where he discussed a little bit more of the concept. In another video for Cinema Source, he discusses who he’d get to make appearances on a Worf Trek:

“Definitely Marina Sirtis. She’s my best friend, so I don’t have a choice about that. She’d kill me. She’d take a knife and stick it in my heart. I also have a story in my head about Nana Visitor. (Deep Space Nine’s Major Kira Nerys).”

And in an interview with Comic Book Resources‘s Spinoff Online, he talked costumes:

“…one of the things I said was, ‘What if Worf didn’t have a Klingon uniform, didn’t have a Starfleet uniform, but he had his own uniform?’ To me, that’s a great idea.”

Of course you like that idea, dude. You came up with it.

He also talked about the show as if it’s already out of development, which is great in terms of amping up support amongst fans. I do genuinely like Dorn and think a Klingon-focused Star Trek spin-off would be full of potential, but the idea was better to me before he started trotting out costume ideas and guest stars. At one point in the following video, he mentions how big of a fan Rosario Dawson is and how she would totally be a guest star.

When asked about the length of his series, he said perhaps it’d be a 12-episode, five-season run to tell the entire story he has in mind. That’s actually the perfect length for a television show. How many series do you watch that you tell people “SEASON EIGHT IS AMAZEBALLS, YOU JUST HAVE TO SIT THROUGH 150 MIDDLING EPISODES BEFORE THAT?”

Also, how about that “best friends” tidbit? Is that common knowledge? Is there Troi/Worf fanfic I’m missing out on? I’d imagine they spend a lot of time discussing Riker’s beard.

via Blastr