Michael Moore Is Thrilled With Biden For Turning Michigan Blue, And He’s Urging Democrats Not To Lose Hope

Political activist Michael Moore emerged Wednesday morning with message of hope and a surprising amount of praise for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In a Facebook post touting the former vice president’s ability to flip states that Trump won in 2016, Moore commended Biden for turning Michigan blue after the filmmaker went to bed at 4 a.m. He also encouraged Democrats to hang in there because a Biden victory just might happen when all votes are counted. Via Facebook:

When I fell asleep, the map of Michigan showed Flint as red! Hahaha!!

And here’s the bottom line: After all the hoopla of the last 12 hours, ONLY Biden has been able to flip a state AND an electoral college delegate district that had gone the other way in 2016. That state is Arizona and it went to Biden (and THAT was called by FOX News!). The one other elector that changed from 2016 to last night was the 2nd Congressional district of Nebraska which had gone for Trump in 2016 — and it was won by Biden yesterday. Trump has not flipped a single state that Hillary won! Only Biden is flipping states and electors that Trump won in 2016. And he will flip more today as the ballots continue to be counted.

You can see Moore’s full post below:

Moore’s recent remarks are a stark reversal from his prediction just a few days ago. Going into the Halloween weekend, the author talked with The Hill and warned that Trump would win because his voter support is always being “undercounted” especially in Moore’s home state of Michigan. Moore has been a vocal critic of the Biden campaign and even went so far to say that it might be performing worse than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in Michigan. Obviously, that has proven not to be the case as Biden looks to be the winner in Michigan, and it appears that Moore won’t be pulling a repeat of accurately predicting a Trump win like he did four years ago.

(Via Michael Moore on Facebook)