Michelle Obama And Will Ferrell Teamed Up To Ask Kids About Nutrition With Predictably Hilarious Results

Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama, arguably two of the best people, teamed up for this focus group to ask a panel of children questions about eating healthy, as part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign — a healthy eating initiative geared towards solving the problem of childhood obesity. The kids predictably school Will Ferrell on his lack of healthy eating knowledge — informing him that no, you can’t actually eat a healthy diet for six days and then eat nothing but candy on the seventh day — although to be fair, none of these kids are actually obese. Ask a fat kid that question and I think you’d get a remarkably different answer. Also, FYI that does totally work if you replace “candy” with “booze,” though.

Prediction? “Body Moving” is totally going to be the next Gangnam Style.

Via The Huffington Post