Watch Harrowing Footage Of People At A Michigan Fair Coming Together To Stop A Carnival Ride From Tumbling Over

Trust in one’s fellow human is at a low ebb these days, and with good reason: We’re (hopefully!) on the other end of a once-in-a-century public health crisis, during which we learned a large swath of Americans refuse to take precautions to save themselves and others. But every now and then something happens to at least temporarily restore our faith in the species. One example: About a dozen people at a Midwest state fair came together to stop a carnival ride from tumbling over. And there’s harrowing video to prove it.

As per UpNorthLive, visitors to the 95th annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan put their own lives at risk to save others when a ride was sudden uprooted from its foundation and started tipping over. As roughly 10 riders held on for dear life, a group of fairgoers rushed over, grabbed the fencing around the base of the ride, and used their collective weight to keep it from falling down.

There were reportedly no injuries and by the morning the ride in question had been dismantled.

People selflessly putting their own lives at risk to save others — it’s an interesting concept! And it’s something to consider as one political party goes out of their way to demonize attempts to door-to-door vaccinations during a pandemic that’s still not over. Humanity: maybe not altogether a bad idea!

You can watch more footage in the video above.

(Via UpNorthLive)