A Michigan Man Whose House Was To Be Demolished Gave His Neighbor’s Address Instead

When learning that his house was scheduled to be torn down last week, a man in Pontiac, Michigan decided to pull one last trick out of his sleeve to see if he couldn’t save it. His diabolical plan? To swap out his address with his neighbor’s address and have the other house torn down instead. And it worked, because city officials are currently trying to figure out what exactly went wrong and the original homeowner is in quite a bit of trouble.

But the other neighbors actually celebrated the home’s demise, despite the fact that the owner told Michigan’s WXYZ News that he was going to rent the place out on October 1. One man even told the local news that he wanted to give the demolition crew a 12-pack of beer for knocking down the “eyesore” that had been inhabited by squatters, adding that the only person who would consider renting it would have been a “crackhead.”

(H/T to Buzzfeed)