Watch This Adorable Micro Pony Kick A Little Girl On Live TV

I’m not normally one to cheer a little girl getting kicked by a pony, but after hearing this poor micro pony squealing in distress, it’s kinda reassuring to know the other ponies have his back.

This video aired live from the Salem County Fair in New Jersey on a Philadelphia CBS station. Reporter Vittoria Woodill was asking a group of children what their ponies’ names were when the micro pony at the end of the line got spooked. After hearing his cries, the pony before him – named “Candy” – stepped in and delivered a solid two hooved knockdown to the girl holding his reins.

Fortunately everyone walked away without any serious injuries and all the children learned a thing or two about handling animals safely. Now who wants to go to the fair and meet these adorable little guys?

(via YouTube)