Microsoft Wants To Cram Xbox Live Onto Your Phone

Have you ever felt the deep-seated need to pay Microsoft five dollars a month to use the phone you pay for on the network you pay for to do functions you shouldn’t have to pay for in the first place? If so, we’ve got excellent news for you: Xbox Live may be coming to your phone!

According to The Verge, Microsoft is about to try and have you earn achievement on your phone games. Also, no, they are not trying to bring Gold to other people’s platforms, but they do want to fix Xbox Live in there:

Microsoft is aiming to “win back” game developers from its competitors by making Xbox Live a lot easier to integrate into apps and games… We understand Microsoft wants Xbox Live across every platform, with simple and lightweight tools to allow developers to bring their games to Xbox Live whether they run on Windows, iOS, or Android.

This is in line with Microsoft’s apparent addiction to making absolutely everything you do on the Xbox One an “achievement” of some sort, but we have to wonder what it will actually achieve. It’ll be great for Gamerscore obsessives and any cross-platform games that might actually make use of the system, but it seems unlikely to be that popular with anyone beyond, well, Gamerscore obsessives.

That said, if The Weather Channel can keep trying to give us “MPoints,” whatever the hell those are, for opening the app, where’s the harm in Xbox Live being on Android? Just don’t expect us to give you money for it, Microsoft.

Via The Verge