MIDbot Transforms Your Laptop Into Remote Controlled Perving Machine

09.07.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Can anyone else recall the last time you thought to yourself, “Holy sh-t, I could really use a remote controlled robot with a gripping claw right now” ? Well, for all three of the suspicious individuals who answered that question, I want you to listen up, because I’m seeping information specifically for you today. Thanks to the new computer kit MIDbot, now for just $319.00 you can adapt your very own laptop into a roaming, wirelessly-controlled espionage mobile. Oh don’t worry, I’ve already alerted your older sister and all of her cheerleading friends.

MIDbot is an ultra low cost tele-present and an easy to use Internet Remote Monitoring Robot with interactive robot arm, allows one to control the robot remotely and globally, with real time video through the common video chatting software Skype or others. Users can see the video, control the movement and robot arm by another computer in network/internet. [usb.brando]

It’s good to know that someone was watching that panty raid scene from Revenge of the Nerds and found themselves striving to take things one step further. So, does this innovative step in technology inch mankind one step closer to a future of world peace and puppies? Hell no, but damn is it cool.

Manly hand jive to Technabob for he tip.

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