A Rightwing Radio Network Doesn’t Care That Mike Lindell Pulled MyPillow Ads In A Huff

Mike Lindell has been waging war against an unexpected source: rightwing media. Last week, MyPillow Guy, who’s so ride-or-die for Trump he’s willing to lose his entire fortune over baseless voter fraud claims, fomented a protest against Fox News. Almost no one showed up. Then he failed to pull off a 96-hour Thanksgiving marathon dedicated to conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Dozens tuned in. Then he pulled ads from a popular rightwing Christian news network who he felt were insufficiently bonkers. Thing is, they don’t care.

As per The Daily Beast, Lindell spent part of his aforementioned marathon railing against Salem Radio Network, which airs the likes of Seb Gorka and Dennis “I’m Happy I Caught COVID” Prager. They hadn’t had him on in a while, he whined, and called them “worse” than Dominion, the voting system company suing him for $1.3 billion. So he took his toys — i.e., ads that could have convinced people to purchase his product and therefore supply him with cash flow — and went home.

But a spokesperson for Salem said they’re unfazed. “No, we’re not upset. He has the right if he wants to do that,” they told The Daily Beast, adding that no one is making a concerted effort to convince him to reverse that move. Do they at least hope he’ll reconsider? The spokesperson said, simply, “No.”

What they did say is that, despite what Lindell told his dozens of listeners, none of their hosts are prohibited from discussing conspiracy theories. “There is no block on any of my hosts from talking about the Supreme Court or anything else,” they said. “My hosts are not banned from talking about anything.”

It’s not the first time Lindell has pulled MyPillow ads from conservative media. He did the same to Fox News, which must have hurt, considering they have so few big time advertisers considering the sometimes dangerous nonsense that spews from their hosts’ mouths. But then he changed his mind.

(Via The Daily Beast)