People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Spooky Photo Of Mike Pence And His Family At Chili’s

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07.17.16 6 Comments

Mike Pence, recently announced running mate of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, has had a rough go of things in his first few days since the pick was announced. Most well known to national audiences as the Governor of Indiana who has signed into law bills that limit the rights of LGBT citizens and the availability of reasonable health care for women, Pence was apparently not Trump’s first choice for a running mate. If that’s true, it’s too late to change his choice now (sorry Chris Christie), and the duo is officially going to be hitting the campaign trail together starting this week at the Republican National Convention.

Besides Pence’s politics and the iffy optics of Trump choosing him as a Vice Presidential candidate, the internet has found a more pressing question to ask about the Indiana Governor this week. Namely, why does his daughter lack any sort of reflection in this snapshot taken during a recent family dinner?!

Besides the fact that the Pence family came all the way to New York and decided to opt for Chili’s over New York style pizza or a good meal at one of the state’s many delicious diners, the lack of a reflection in this photo is straight up chilling. The easy answer is that she is simply sitting in such a position so that she is hidden behind her father’s reflection, but easy answers are no fun. She is clearly a vampire or spectral being that does not have a reflection, as foretold in centuries old legends.

This riddle is certainly not the most important discussion being had in this year’s election cycle, but the people demand answers and won’t stop until they find out whether Mike Pence’s daughter is a ghost or not.

(via BroBible)

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