Mike Pompeo’s Bizarre Tweet Praising ‘Unapologetic Americans’ He Termed ‘Pipehitters’ Inspired Everyone To Make Drug Jokes

Donald Trump and his minions were never merely evil. They were also weird. The president-turned-failed blogger always led the charge, establishing a foundation of Mad Libs-style horrors that combined the nefarious with the absurd. (And he’s still got it!) One of the least flamboyant — though still shifty — of his staffers was Mike Pompeo, who took over as Secretary of State in April 2018, and rode it out until the end. He largely — but not entirely — kept a low profile. But he’s been acting up a bit since he lost his old job.

Tuesday saw a good example of the lunacy of which Pompeo is capable. Apropos of nothing much at all, the former CIA director took to Twitter to call upon “unapologetic Americans” to “join me and become a Pipehitter.”

What…could that possibly mean? Pompeo helpfully included a definition of the term it appears he just made up. In a pastiche of dictionary definitions, he defined it as “someone who is unapologetically American, someone who fights for our future, someone who never gives an inch, someone who is dedicated to stand against the radical Left’s agenda.”

Pompeo may have been a relatively quiet Trump staffer, but he wasn’t without incident. Perhaps his greatest offense was that time he chillingly claimed Trump would “transition” into a “second term” after losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Still, this kind of lowest-common-denominator conservative red meat business seemed slightly out of character for him.

But it was bizarre any way you slice it. And people on social media were quickly taken aback.

Some complained that there are already too many Trumpists to mock these days. (For instance, on Monday Ted Cruz went viral on two separate occasions.)

Some pointed out the term was ill-advised, if he was advised at all.

Some pointed out “pipehitter” is already a term, and not one you want.

Others pointed out that this proves, once again, that satire is dead.

But the majority of people saw Mike Pompeo drop the term “pipehitter” and immediately thought of drugs.

There were other jokes as well.

So there you have it: Yet another person who used to be employed by Donald Trump, stepping directly into that rake.