Mike Rowe Would Like You To Know That He’s Not A Bank Robber. No, Really.

Former Dirty Jobs host and Deadliest Catch narrator Mike Rowe is a lot of things to a lot of people. However, to the citizens of Medford, Oregon, he is definitely not a bank robber. Or at least that’s what the famous show host wants the kind people of Medford to believe.

Trouble first reared its grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and beige baseball cap on Monday, Jan. 4, when the Medford Police Department posted photos of and information about a bank robbery that had occurred earlier that same evening.

Aside from the similar attire, the suspect pictured in the surveillance photos released to the public looked really, really familiar. So much so that many commenters — obviously as a joke — suggested that perhaps Rowe was trying to kickstart a new season of Dirty Jobs the old-fashioned way. Luckily for Rowe, Medford Police were in on the joke and said as much on Tuesday, while reminding followers to be on the lookout for the real robber.

Rowe wasn’t about to let the Medford Police and their Facebook followers have the last laugh, so on Wednesday he provided an alibi on his Facebook page: “For what it’s worth, I was in Kansas Monday, and can prove it, if need be.”

In addition to proving his innocence, Rowe also had a few things to say about the actual robbery suspect — especially his apparent carelessness for not wearing a mask.

I see that many Medfordites are wondering why a guy would rob a bank without some sort of disguise, knowing full-well he’d be photographed? This is an excellent question. The consensus seems to be because he’s an idiot, and while that’s quite possibly true, he still appears to be on the loose, a fact not consistent with general idiocy. This has lead many to conclude that the perpetrator was an outsider who left town right after the robbery. Entirely possible. However, I’d like to suggest an alternative possibility – what if the thief was not an idiot, but a clever person of below average height wearing a Mike Rowe Mask?

Wait a minute, Mr. Rowe. You’re saying that you didn’t rob the bank in Medford, but that someone with a “Mike Rowe Mask” might be responsible for the crime? Your whole “I was in Kansas” excuse is looking a little weak, sir.

(Via KPTV)