Mike Rowe Took Another Detractor To School After Being Called A ‘Right-Wing’ Propagandist

As we’ve told you before, Mike Rowe does not shy away from your everyday, vile breed of Internet troll. And since it’s a day ending in “y,” another troll has volunteered for some schooling from the Dirty Jobs host. Rowe has been pushing his S.W.E.A.T. (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo) pledge, the mission statement for his eponymous foundation that supports helping people who want to learn a skilled trade in order to fill jobs otherwise seen as very undesirable. It’s also no secret that Rowe sometimes votes for Republican political candidates, so the screechier part of the left-wing Internet is certainly going to have something to say about this “bootstrap-pulling” philosophy.

Rowe shared a message that accused him of saying the poor and unemployed were lazy, saying that such people want to work, but there aren’t any jobs and they don’t have the connections that Rowe has. He finished with telling Rowe to “drop the right-wing propaganda” and help the unemployed develop a work ethic.

The TV host politely informed the writer that he was missing the point while taking on both sides of the political spectrum at the same time. Here is some of his response, starting after the part where he called out the entire media and gave some props to The Daily Show for being responsible:

But through all the howling and shrieking, no one said a word about the millions of jobs that American companies are struggling to fill right now. No one talked the fact that most of those jobs don’t require an expensive four-year degree. And no one mentioned the 1.2 trillion dollars of outstanding student loans, or the madness of lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back, educating them for jobs that no longer exist.

I started mikeroweWORKS to talk about these issues, and shine a light on a few million good jobs that no one seems excited about. But mostly, I wanted to remind people that real opportunity still exists for those individuals who are willing to work hard, learn a skill, and make a persuasive case for themselves. Sadly, you see my efforts as “right wing propaganda.” But why? Are our differences really political? Or is it something deeper? Something philosophical?

It goes on, and you can read the entire post and the original letter on Rowe’s Facebook page.

Maybe if that guy was motivated enough, he could learn what kind of gear could best protect him from getting burned.

Source: The Blaze