Mike Tyson Is Herman Cain

Okay, so this — having Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, play Herman Cain in a campaign ad spoof — is probably all kinds of wrong, what with the sexual harassment sh*tstorm swirling all around him and all, but the end result is just funny as hell. Tyson really is a hilarious motherf*cker. (UPDATE: Tyson was actually cast by Funny or Die to play Cain prior to the news about his sexual transgressions breaking — how’s that for irony?) And he’s got some really funny lines in here.

“I used to be the CEO of Godfathers, a restaurant so gross it made my children hate pizza.”

“Now I’m leading in the polls. Why? Because the Tea Party loves crazy people more than they hate blacks, and I’m crazier than a sh*thouse rat.”

“Chocolate may be the flavor of the week, but crazy is the taste Republicans never tire of.”

And be sure to stick around till the end. Trust me, it’s worth it.

(HT: With Leather)

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