Mila Kunis Is Also A Woman Of Her Word

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11.21.11 2 Comments

Last week, we were treated to a wonderful dose of humility and humanity from actor/singer/hot slab of man beef Justin Timberlake when he attended the Marine Corps Ball with Cpl. Kelsey de Santis, who had asked the former boy bander to be her date via YouTube in July. Timberlake, of course, not only attended, but he also wrote a long, thoughtful essay on how the evening made him feel, which subsequently locked up his ability to bed any lady on the planet for at least 10 more years. At least.

Alas, many people forgot that Timberlake’s acceptance and attendance weren’t his only good deeds. YouTube had become a forum for soldiers asking their favorite celebs to be their dates, and one incredibly lucky man also got himself a date thanks to Timberlake. Also in July, Sergeant Scott Moore asked actress Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps birthday ball in Greenville, NC this past Saturday. Thanks to Timberlake accepting on her behalf – which coincided perfectly with the release of their film, Friends with Benefits – Kunis first stated that she might have scheduling conflicts, but sure enough she attended with Moore, who I pray at least offered her breakfast as I have in my head so many millions of times.

But Kunis wasn’t the only star honoring her commitment to our troops, as reality TV personality Kristin Cavallari also accepted an invitation from Lance Corporal Jonathon Burkett to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball, after he invited her back in August.

“It was a blast,” Burkett said. “She was very nice and joked with the whole table.”

“I always had a crush on her. She’s very beautiful for sure,” Burkett said. “I really didn’t think she would write back at all. I was amazed she wrote back so fast. Couldn’t believe it.”

(Via The Upper St. Clair Patch)

If you had placed $1 million in front of me and you told me I could guess 1,000 times which female celebrity accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball, I wouldn’t have guessed Cavallari if you agreed to give me 9,000 more guesses. But my preconceived stereotypes of reality TV “stars” be damned, because not only did she do it, but she did it with complete selflessness, whereas certain other reality stars would have had entire film crews with them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hate the Kardashians.

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