Mila Kunis Is Still Going On A Date With A Marine, You Guys, And Justin Timberlake Might Be Too

You may recall the other day we told you about a U.S. Marine who asked human honeycomb Mila Kunis to be his date for the Marine’s Ball via Youtube — an invitation she accepted. Well yesterday a report surfaced that, because of scheduling conflicts, Kunis wouldn’t be able to follow through on her promise of a date. However, I was quite skeptical of the report, mainly because it came from repulsively twatty gossipmonger Billy Bush. Oh course, this turned out to be a prudent decision.

Here’s Kunis being asked by a reporter to clean up the confusion about the date. Notice the hatred and disdain that flashes across her face and hear it dripping from her voice at merely having to mention Billy Bush’s name. I would argue that Mila Kunis has never been hotter than she is right here, in this moment…

Coincidentally, Billy Bush made Ufford’s Warming Glow list of TV’s twenty most punchable faces today. I would pay good money to watch Mila Kunis do a number of things, not the least of which would be to punch Billy Bush in the face repeatedly. Just saying.

Incidentally, a female Marine has also asked Justin Timberlake — the person responsible for bringing Kunis’ Marine date proposal to her attention — to be her date to the Marine’s Ball, on YouTube…

No official word on whether or not he’s accepted, but I mean, come on…he has to, right? Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake need to do this, for America, together!

So I guess in return I’m gonna have to force myself to go see this dumb Friends With Benefits movie, aren’t I? Well, for that and the sex scenes, of course. Like I said, I’d pay to watch Mila Kunis do a number of things.