Miles Fisher's 'New Romance' Video Is Saved By The Bell Meets Final Destination

Miles Fisher is an actor/musician who has become pretty good at producing viral videos, the most viral yet being this Saved by the Bell-Final Destination spoof set to his song “New Romance.” I assume it’s half a Final Destination spoof anyway since Fisher and the cast (including David Koechner and “Championship!” fantasy football commercial guy) are all in Final Destination 5. “New Romance” released a couple of days ago but I’ve yet to see anyone make the Final Destination cast connection, which is kind of cool because everyone is focusing on Saved by the Bell, but sort of defeats the purpose if the viralness of this video is supposed to help promote Final Destination 5 (which I won’t be seeing unless I find out Koechner plays the whole movie as Champ Kind).

But whatever. The real thing to know is that this is a well produced SBTB parody (actual set?) where everyone dies a gory death set to a cheesy pop tune. Kind of NSFW depending on your work’s tolerance for gory A.C. Slater deaths.