Miles Morales Will Be Marvel’s Flagship Spider-Man

Spider-Man will be a teenaged Peter Parker in the upcoming movie. So, fans figured that once Marvel’s reboot was up, Pete would be back in the mask, although hopefully at least married to MJ again. Turns out, though, he’s taking a backseat to someone else.

Marvel has confirmed that when the Spider-books relaunch in September, it’s going to be Miles Morales at the wheel. Peter will still be around in the rebooted 616, but Miles will be the focus.

This isn’t a surprise on some level; Miles has been all over the marketing materials for the new Marvel universe, and he’s even been promoted to the core Avengers. Still, change does not come easy for comic-book companies, and when it does come, it usually has trouble sticking. So it’s fairly telling that Marvel is not only keeping Miles from the Ultimate Universe they destroyed, but giving him the promotion a lot of fans have demanded.

The big question, of course, is where Peter is in all this. He’ll be mentoring Miles, we know that much, but whether he slaps on the webshooters on a regular basis or is hanging up the blue and red long johns except in emergencies isn’t clear yet. To be honest, if anybody has earned a peaceful retirement, it’s Peter; maybe let him hang up the mask for a few years.

(Via New York Daily News and Wired)