IMPORTANT: Miley Cyrus’ Knee Looks Exactly Like Seth Rogen’s Face

Thanks to the “expressive” path her career has taken in recent years, we know what all of Miley Cyrus’ body parts look like. But it took until now for us to realize that her kneecap looks EXACTLY like Seth Rogen’s head. A keen-eyed and profanely-named Instagram user has the evidence:

Holy crap. Her kneecap has the hair, beard, glasses, wry smile… everything. It probably even has Seth’s unique laugh and undying hatred for Justin Bieber.

Miley was so impressed by the resemblance that she shared it on Twitter. To which Rogen offered up a stellar reply, shoehorning a weed joke into the response:

Great job, Miley’s knee. You’ve come a long way since we thought you looked like Carlton Banks.