Miley Cyrus Earns Backlash After Shading Jodie Sweetin With Throwback Photos

Miley Cyrus uses her Instagram account as a personal diary of sorts, which carries all sorts of dangers without a filter. As a former Disney star, she’s done plenty of purposeful acting out on her own, and she habitually sings about her love of partying and recreational substances. Despite messy outward appearances, she keeps her true antics locked down. Cyrus doesn’t physically endanger anyone or venture into DUI territory. She’s just doing her thing, and she regularly stands up for the importance of owning your own beliefs and ignoring the bullies.

Cyrus’ purposely messy image takes a turn, however, when she calls out other former child stars for their messy behavior. This time, she’s calling out Jodie Sweetin, who’s been on the straight and narrow with the Fuller House reboot. The show has received harsh reactions but still scored a renewal because people can’t stop watching the trainwreck. Well, Sweetin would like to forget her own trainwreck, which involves years of drug use and three marriages. Cyrus won’t let that happen, for she Instagrammed this throwback photo of Sweetin straddling a man.

Perhaps Cyrus posted this photo while binge watching Netlix, for she captioned the picture “current mood #fullerhouse.” There’s still some shade involved, and folks leaped to Sweetin’s defense. The comments on this photo were very sympathetic to Sweetin.

Cyrus didn’t say anything in response to the criticism, and in fact, she’s leaving the photo intact and moving on with further internet adventures. Cyrus commented on another former child star, Hillary Duff, when she encountered the former Lizzie McGuire star’s very real Tinder profile and tapped out, “Id swipe right fo sho #letsgetpizza.”

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