TIME Magazine Tried To Relate To Millennials And Twitter Said, ‘Hold My Avocado’

Shutterstock / Twitter

TIME magazine got dragged on Twitter again this week over one of their many “How do you do, fellow kids”-caliber articles about millennials. Back in May, they printed an article titled, “Millionaire to millennials: Stop buying avocado toast if you want to buy a home,” which took a deserved amount of heat for its trollishness. Twitter made plenty of jokes like this one:

Now TIME has returned to the topic of those darn millennials and their avocados, and you can guess how well that was received. An article titled “‘Hold My Avocado’ Is the Viral Catchphrase Millennials Have Been Looking For” tried to make a new catchphrase happen. The phrase “hold my avocado” was the punchline to a joke we mentioned in our post about Trump trying to start a damn apocalypse:

Sometimes one tweet can end up becoming a catchphrase, but a magazine known for hot takes about millennials and hilariously anachronistic depictions of technology probably isn’t going to make fetch happen. Twitter wasn’t feeling it, anyway, and they let their distaste be known:

(Hat tip and a triangle of avocado toast to Inverse)