This 110-Year-Old Woman Attributes Her Longevity To Miller High Life And Scotch

An Englewood, New Jersey woman, Agnes Fenton, celebrated the incredible milestone of turning 110 years old this past Saturday, making her a supercentenarian, a status only one out of approximately 10 million people can claim. And Fenton attributes her longevity to good old-fashioned Miller High Life and Johnnie Walker Blue — not to be confused with Audrey Lott, another Scotch-loving woman who turned 110 a few years ago. If I’m sensing a pattern here, this apparently means that I’ll live to be 300.

At any rate, Fenton started this ritual about 70 years ago, when a doctor who diagnosed her with a benign tumor prescribed three beers a day for her condition, because it was the 1940s and doctors probably still used leeches back then [citation needed]. Presumably, she added the Scotch because Agnes Fenton is clearly a woman of fine taste.

Sadly, because she no longer eats a robust daily diet, Fenton’s caregivers no longer let her have alcohol, but here’s hoping the special lady got some Johnnie Walker on her big day. YOLO?

(Via via UPI)