Don’t Blink In Minecraft

Australian Minecraft modder and Doctor Who fan Anthony G. (AKA “a_dizzle”) has programmed a Minecraft mod that adds Weeping Angels to the game, as seen in the pants-crappingly creepy video below. This mod can be downloaded for free here. Anthony gives this run down of how the mod works:

This mob has a spawn rate of 5% (Rare). It will freeze when seen (includes other angels [update 1.2])(Within FOV (This FOV is locked to a specific value and does not change with minecraft options.. yet). When not seen will run towards player changing appearance slightly. When it is not day or the angel is in a cave with a light source, the angel will try to remove it to create darkness which enables the angel to be unaffected by a player looking at the creature. When the creature is looked at directly, the player will undergo a Stone Slow debuf which will last for a short period of time.

A weeping angel has a 1 in 25 chance of becoming a teleporter, when this happens on attack it will teleport the player in a 200 block radius; either above the ground or in a cave. Did I forget to mention they can only be killed with a diamond pickaxe (hard mode) by being mined? (iron pickaxe on normal or less)

In other words, “Oops, I crapped my pants.”

[Hat tip and so many diamond pickaxes to EpicPonyz.]