This Minivan Driver Absolutely Loses His Sh*t After He Cuts Off A Cyclist

Driving a car, truck, or any other automobile can be a very stressful exercise — especially when other equally-stressed drivers are involved. This stress can sometimes lead to poor driving and the road rage that often results. Let’s face it, people have done some pretty crazy things when whacked out on gasoline-fueled anger benders — at least when other vehicles are involved. But what about bicycles?

One YouTube user in San Francisco found out the hard way earlier this week. After a minivan driver cut him off at the last minute, the two pulled over and exchanged words. Words became reminders of the rules of the road, which turned into multiple inflections of f*ck. By the end, a few good kicks were thrown. The video concludes with the cyclist yelling for bystanders to call the police.

(Via YouTube)