The Minnesota GOP Accidentally Legalizing Edibles Is The News That People Needed After A Week Like This One

The Republican-heavy Supreme Court gave people a doozy of a session wind-down, starting late last week when they officially overruled Roe v. Wade, thereby pushing women back to the Dirty Dancing era without remorse. The highest court in the land also ignored the Texas school shooting by slapping down gun restrictions, and expanded Oklahoma’s jurisdiction and power over Native American tribes, and essentially disarmed the EPA‘s ability to fight climate change.

In other words, no one can blame Americans for needing a few drinks over the Fourth of July, but maybe this news out of Minnesota will help? As Ryan Faircloth (of Star Tribune) noted on Twitter, the Minnesota Senate legalized edibles as of Friday. The catch here, though, is that members of the state’s GOP apparently didn’t read (or grasp) the entire bill, and then they wanted to undo the vote.

Yes, really. Here’s details on that hot mess from Star Tribune), which notes that Democrats stood firm on refusing a rollback:

Sen. Jim Abeler, R-Anoka, who chairs the Senate Human Services Reform Finance and Policy Committee, said he didn’t realize the new law would legalize edibles containing delta-9 THC before it passed. He thought the law would only regulate delta-8 THC products.

“I thought we were doing a technical fix, and it winded up having a broader impact than I expected,” Abeler said, adding that the Legislature should consider rolling the new law back.

Cue the poetry and other amused commentary from social media:

Enjoy that holiday weekend, everyone. Minnesotans sure have a reason to party.

(Via Star Tribune)