Brazil’s Most Notorious Pageant Got Even Stranger This Year Before Crowning A Winner

Meet Suzy Cortez, the winner of the 2015 Miss Bumbum Brasil pageant, the annual Brazilian competition that aims to find “the best derriere in the country.” The competition has been plagued by scandal in previous years due to contestants paying off judges, as well as last year’s runner up who almost died after botched plastic surgery caused her butt fillers to rot into her legs. This year, however, contestants were required to prove that they had not undergone surgery or used any kind of chemical enhancement products, and Cortez took the top honor in Sao Paolo over 15 other Brazilian women.

Following her big win, Cortez stated that she had been preparing for the pageant for four months with dieting and rigorous training, and that she had always wanted to win this contest. As BroBible notes, since it’s a little known fact that Brazilian women have the best butts in the world, does that mean that Suzy Cortex de facto has the best butt in the world? (Not to be confused with the woman who has the “most perfect butt” in America.)

Let’s take a look through some of her (safer for work) Instagram photos and judge from there.

(Via Daily Mail and BroBible)

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