Mississippi Man Who Was Thought Dead Has Woken Up And Started The Zombie Apocalypse (Almost)

In a funeral home workers worst nightmare, a man came back from the dead right as they were about to embalm him. Totally, a zombie. Via Time:

A Mississippi funeral home says it found a man alive and kicking in a body bag hours after the coroner pronounced him dead.

Walter Williams was pronounced dead Wednesday night after his pulse stopped, but funeral home employees found him trying to kick through his body bag Thursday morning.

Eddie Hester, Williams’ nephew, said Friday Williams is in the hospital and breathing without the help of a respirator, but is too weak to talk.

Pretty much everything I just read would’ve made me scream as loud as possible. How the heck did everyone not see that the guy is alive?

Williams started to move right as the funeral workers were getting ready to embalm him. He was rushed to the hospital and is now in good condition. The coroner said William’s pacemaker may have stopped working and then re-started, which could explain his pulse stopping.

I guess that’s a good reason. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know how a pacemaker works, other than it sounds like a show NBC would greenlight. It will be about a mall walker who is or isn’t responsible for the end of the world. I won’t watch it.

Via Time