The Results Of Molten Copper Being Slathered On A Big Mac Might Make You Regret Eating At McDonald’s All Those Years

When you amble up to the counter at McDonalds, what toppings do you look for on your Big Mac? Do you like it as is? Do you request an ingredient be left out or plopped on? Have you ever had to get into an argument with a manager because you want molten copper on your hamburger, but they won’t give it to you? (THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, JANICE!) Probably not so much on the molten copper thing, but if you’ve ever wanted to see what happens when a Big Mac is slathered in that brand of off-menu sauce, YouTube entity Tito4re has you covered.

As you can see in the oddly mesmerizing clip tucked above, the McDonalds staple is alarmingly resilient when facing with this ridiculously hot metal. Heck, in the early going you can see the bun offer protective powers that would make Captain America’s shield green with envy. It takes a while before the molten copper can really do a number on this thing you chomp up and put in your guts. Split up into separate parts, the burger slowly fades away in this unlikely iron man match between sandwich and ridiculously hot temperatures. Eventually the burger gets to a level of cooked that well-done steak enthusiast Donald Trump can stomach, but it’s not a pleasant sight. Toss some water on there and you have one big charred wheel of gross.

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YES! YES! DANCE IN THE HOT METAL! WHY IS THIS SO SATISFYING? Also, please leave these molten copper endeavours to professionals and YouTube personalities, okay?