No Psychic Powers Are Needed To Figure Out What Happens When Molten Copper’s Poured On A Magic 8-Ball

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Who knew molten copper had so much charisma and screen presence? Well, YouTube video vendor Tito4re for one. His oddly hypnotic clips of defenceless objects getting decimated by hot metal rack up millions of views and let us know what happens when a Big Mac goes toe-to-toe with molten copper.

The latest challenger for our bud MC? That’d be the beloved childhood novelty that is the Magic 8-Ball. Without even hitting play you already know that it’s an “Outlook Not So Good” scenario. Before our host gets started, he shakes up the toy and the toy’s prognosticative powers seem to be on the money for what happens next. The Magic 8-Ball’s prediction: “It is decidedly so.” YEAH! EAT THAT COPPER, INNOCENT PLAYTHING! LET’S SEE YOUR GUTS!

*flips china cabinet over and sets the wreckage aflame*

Sorry, these clips get us riled up before they become eerily soothing. Anyway, when Tito4re pours the molten copper onto the object’s sweet spot, the flames dance and its blue inner fluid flies out. It doesn’t take long for this underdog to melt into a smoking assortment of parts. Presumably this will lead the way for a manufacturer’s warning that recommends against pouring super hot copper on Magic 8-Balls.

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