The Best And Worst Of The ‘More Americans Have (Insert Joke Here) Than Have Died From Ebola’ Meme

If Twitter has proven itself good for anything, it’s supplying millions of people with an endless treasury of jokes that they can rip off when they can’t think of any on their own. The latest such example comes to us courtesy of Ebola, that horrifying and deadly disease that has made its way to the United States and supplied cable news networks with the ultimate way to scare the sh*t out of their viewers. Fortunately, there have been some more level-headed people, like Shep Smith, trying to remind everyone not to freak out, because it’s not like we’re walking outside, breathing in some infected air and turning inside out like on The Simpsons. Others, though, have reminded us to not freak out about people freaking out, because it could be worse.

Since humor is often seen as a way for people to calm everyone down, someone somewhere made the joke: “More Americans have married Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola.” Funny, right? Because Kardashian has been married three times and only one American has reportedly died from Ebola. Because people love to laugh in the face of terror and death, that joke has become Twitter’s MEME OF THE DAY. The snowball that started the avalanche looked something like this…

I have no clue who first told the joke or made the above image (my guess is Men’s Humor or a Willy Wonka parody account, because they’re HILARIOUS), but the crowd has torn it down from the Louvre and taken it into the town square, leading to…

Wait, how many Americans have married Kim Kardashian and then caught Ebola? That should probably be investigated by the CDC.

I read that, too. No clue where, but I definitely read it.

Of course it qualifies as something you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian.

And that’s just a small sample. There are thousands of those Tweets, if not more. The joke is so “good,” though, that more clever pranksters have taken it a step further and swapped out Kim Kardashian for Taylor Swift, because she has dated a lot of guys, you see.

However, I’d point out that Kardashian is a better subject because she has married three men. Swift has dated way more than three guys, but now I, like Swift, am just being picky. Pop culture fans aren’t the only people knocking off this joke either. It was only a matter of time before someone got political with it, since politicians love to get married a lot, too.

Although, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for this one…

The whole “That person has been married a lot!” routine is kind of mean, so let’s switch over to a more light-hearted play on the same joke.

Really, there are so many people and characters that work in this joke that you could make a million of them, like: More Americans have played Michelle Tanner than have died from Ebola. More Americans have played quarterback for the Washington Redskins this season than have died from Ebola. More Americans have been removed from Kate Gosselin than have died from Ebola. Or…

Wait, no. I think that one might be too much. But you get the point.