More Classic Disney Gaming Goodness On The Way! ‘Castle Of Illusion’ Is Getting An HD Remake.

So, a few weeks ago Capcom and Disney made those of us who grew up during the 90s very happy by announcing an HD remake of DuckTales, but Capcom wasn’t the only company making good Disney games back then — Sega turned out a few gems of their own.

Well, one of those Sega classics, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is also getting the HD remake treatment. Hit the jump for a teaser trailer and some screens…

Hit the second page for some in-game screenshots…

I kind of like the DuckTales remake’s 2D art style better, but still, looks pretty slick. 

Some of the more recent Mario platformers have totally ripped these guys off. 

Interestingly, the director of the original Castle of Illusion just so happens to work at Disney Interactive now and is fully involved in the remake.

Disney and video games man — on the one hand, there’s clearly people at the company who really love games. These remakes of classic, underappreciated Disney games are proof of that. On the other hand, there’s the whole callously shutting down LucasArts thing. I’m not sure what to think. Damn these shades of grey!

via Kotaku