More Cute Girls And Dorky Villains For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

So, The Amazing Spider-Man was pretty solidly alright I thought. Its main asset was Emma Stone adorable-ing it up as Gwen Stacey. Its main flaw was relying on the rather uninspiring Lizard as villain. Well, seems like they’re sticking to the pattern for the sequel and giving us more adorable and more dorky villains!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to re-introduce Mary Jane Watson, and word is Shailene Woodley, last seen as the distractingly hot daughter in the excellent The Descendants, will be stepping into the role. I think she’ll make a fine redhead.

As for villains, we may be getting Electro. Yes, the guy with the lightning bolt mask that looks like it’s been cut out of cardboard. Hopefully the shadowy guy at the end of the first movie turns out to be someone big, because a movie with Electro as the main villain could be rough.

via /Film

Shailene via Shutterstock