Three More Beloved ‘Parks & Rec’ Characters (And Ann) Get The Saturday Morning Cartoon Treatment

A couple of weeks ago our friend Jon Defreest continued his quest to please the internet gods with these amazing illustrations of Parks and Recreation characters as Saturday morning cartoons (after much internal debate, Ben Wyatt wins). Much like the noir poster Nick Offerman got the cast to sign, it didn’t go unnoticed by certain cast members that their character was left out. Retta Sirleaf who plays Donna tweeted in Donna fashion:

@parksandrecnbc @vulture Sure those are great but . . .

So now Defreest and Vulture have rounded out the collection with three fan favorites and Ann. Love you Rashida, but Ann Perkins is the yellow Starburst. Or the Lisa Simpson (if candy metaphors aren’t your thing). Necessary, but no one’s first dodgeball pick. At least you’re not the dude who played Mark though, right? I can’t be the only one wishing he’d come out demanding his own caricature.


And this seems like as good a place as any to put this observation from Fields of Matt