Even More Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Goodness (Video)

10.20.10 8 years ago

At this point, Red Dead Redemption’s upcoming DLC, the Undead Nightmare pack, is starting to act more like my Swedish internet girlfriend and less like a highly anticipated game add-on. Here I am, every week, treated to steamy video after steamy video, each one amping the hype machine a little more than the last. God, I hope John Marston can deliver greatness yet again…or, at the very least, he can strike up a great conversation, just like that internet girlfriend I’ve been courting.

This latest Undead Nightmare trailer aims to educate all you frontiersmen on the best ways to battle your fellow deceased Western denizens. We’ve got fire, Holy Water and, yes, even zombie bait -all working in your favor, helping to rid the wilderness of these undead 49ers. And even better news today for everyone who doesn’t have the internet (and is somehow unexplainably reading this post); the Undead Nightmare pack will be released on a standalone disc, separate from the original Red Dead Redemption game. Users won’t need to have purchased the original in order to play the standalone disc, which will also include all previous Red Dead DLC content (Outlaws to the End, Legends and Killers and the Liars and Cheats content -maps included!).

New trailer after the jump:

Kim Basinger wants to help: born December, 8 1953

Special thanks to Kotaku for the tip.

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