These Morning Show Hosts Couldn’t Contain Their Laughter During A Segment About Sex Toys

British ITV’s This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed sex expert Tracey Cox (obligatory) on Wednesday morning’s show to discuss the increased popularity of vibrators and other sex toys. Or as Willoughby put it, after reading off some statistics, “this has gone up, hasn’t it?” before immediately breaking down into giggles along with her co-host.

As Schofield gasped for air, Willoughby clarified, “I nearly said, ‘on the rise!'” which obviously didn’t help matters much. People! We’re all adults here.

Cox was eventually able to reign the hosts in, until she went on to preview the samples she had brought along with her, attempting to differentiate modern day sex toys by saying, “As you can see from here, that hard old plastic thing that your grandmother used to have rattling around in her drawer…”

Annnnnnnd, she lost them again.

Suffice to say, viewers at home watched the unfolding spectacle with a fair amount of amusement, many tweeting about the segment:

As I always say, sex toys + live TV = television gold, every time.

(Via Huffington Post)