These Morning Show Hosts Can’t Help Noticing That This Styling Product Looks Like Something Dirty

Take Five & Company, a live weekday morning lifestyle program on WZZM in Grand Rapids, tackles “everything from home improvements and family finances to pet care, fashion and local entertainment,” according to the description on the ABC 13 website. Recently (I say “recently,” but in all honestly have no idea when this clip actually aired), the ladies were trying out “Hot Buns,” an As Seen On TV product that purports to give you “beautiful buns in less than a minute!” Hair buns, if you were wondering, but that’s actually kind of besides the point.

That’s because the blonde host on the left couldn’t help noticing halfway through her tutorial that the unraveled Hot Bun looks… like something else. And it’s even ribbed, for her pleasure!

“Put it in the bowl and let’s keep moving,” the matronly host in the middle declares, after screeching and snatching the Hot Bun out of her co-host’s hands. We still never did learn exactly how Hot Buns works, but I’m guessing it’s one of those products that probably has more than one function to it.