‘Mortal Kombat X’ Rips A First Trailer Out Of YouTube’s Torso

Ed Boon has been dropping hints left and right, and today, it’s official: Mortal Kombat X is on the way. And it actually dropped a trailer that, if it’s not gameplay, it really should be.

There are zero claims this first trailer is actual gameplay footage, but we suspect it is, or at least reflects gameplay, for a few reasons. One, notice that it actually sticks pretty close to the traditional 2D view, and that when it does jump out of that perspective, it tends to do so when using environmental elements. In fact, overall this has a pretty strong Injustice: Gods Among Us vibe to it. It also, rather cleverly, happens to be roughly as long as a quick three-round match. Check it out:

Did we GIF it? Why, yes we did:

And before you ask, yes, that is Wiz Khalifa on the soundtrack. Even if scoring your video to a rap track is so painfully ’90s it’s not even funny.

No word yet on platforms, although the statement that it’ll use “next-gen technology” in the video description tells us it’s probably an Xbox One and PS4 game. And it’ll be worth it, if we can get fatalities like this:

Expect more like that: This is the tenth game in the series, so they’re going to go all out. Now if only they’ll finally implement those Nudalities…