We Have Some Questions About The Most Popular GIFs From 2017

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12.07.17 7 Comments

It’s nearly impossible to summarize 2017 with, y’know, words.

This year was wonderful at times, miserable at others, which is true of every year, but it felt especially true of the past 12 months. Where do you even begin: Donald Trump taking office? The greatest Super Bowl of all-time? The sword that is nuclear holocaust hanging above all of us? We, as mere single-minded humans, won’t be able to properly evaluate 2017 until years, if not decades from now. So, for now, I think 2017 can be best summed up with… a gnome?

GIPHY released the 25 most-used GIFs from 2017, a list topped by Brooklyn artist Anna Hrachovec’s “Love Gnome,” which has an accumulated an outstanding 340 million views. The GIF shows a crocheted gnome knitting a heart and letting it fly away. So that’s where the concept of love went!

I can sort of understand why “Love Gnome” is #1 — it’s cute and… well, it’s cute — and “White Guy Blinking” and a pug waving hello (or goodbye?) also make sense, but some of the other popular GIF choices are perplexing.

#4. Fall Out Boy llama (197 million)

Is the llama busy living, or busy dying? (It’s 2017: dying.)

#5. Junior Gallete’s sack celebration (180 million)

Why that dance and not the Electric Slide?

#8. “Nope” finger-wagging rat (154 million)

What the heck?

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