This Hilariously Cruel Mother/Daughter Texting ‘War’ Will Make You Wish Your Family Was Just As Weird

Usually, parents don’t have the upper hand when texting. They’re not as funny as they think they are and, sometimes, they’re just rude and bigoted. But once in a lifetime (three to five weeks in internet time) comes a parent who doesn’t understand texting, isn’t conventionally hilarious, and is still the very best you will see on a Monday. Internet, meet an unnamed badass mom and her “rotten child,” Liz Hammett, a 36-year-old from Ohio (with a child of her own, so definitely something to look forward to) who’s been terrorizing her poor mother with texts, threats, and stolen cutlery for a very long time.

As you can see above, “Elizabeth’s” been a little bit of a brat for a very long time. But she hasn’t just confined her constant torture to video, she’s also posted texts in which she and her mother correspond in ways that some families may look upon unfavorably. Why? Because those families have never had fun! Check out some of the most memorable exchanges from Hammett’s Facebook below.


There are lots of texts and you should check them out on Hammett’s Facebook yourself, but let me leave you with my favorite, because it feels like it encapsulates the entire family pretty damn well:

You know you would have tried, too.