A New Mother Survived In The Wilderness By Drinking Her Own Breast Milk

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A new mother claims that she survived in the New Zealand wilderness, thanks to her own breast milk.

During a 12-mile trail run through the Orongorongo Valley, Susan O’Brien lost her way and ended up two miles off course. She had given birth about eight months prior and was still breast feeding, which came in handy because she kept her energy up while waiting for help by drinking her breast milk:

“I got lost and got stuck in some bushes and then I thought that was it,” said O’Brien.

“One thing that helped me, cause I’m breast feeding my baby, so I had a bit of my milk which I thought that should keep me going for energy,” she said.

Fortunately, O’Brien was rescued by helicopter about 24 hours after her family reported her as missing, so her situation was thankfully brief.

(Via DC News Fox 5)